Christian Schools Suffer Drastic Cuts in State Funding

Ibillin, Galilee  –  05/09/2014

Dear Audrey

I am sending you this official reply to your questions about the reduction in funding from the Israeli Ministry Of Education, which amounts by now to 35% of the major subsidy we receive, compared to the other governmental schools. 

The Christians schools directors had an urgent meeting at the end of August and decided to close the schools in a sign of protest against the government dealing with our Christians schools. 


  1. We asked to meet with the Ministry of Education but they refused to meet with us.


  1. They continue their policy of ill-treating our school.


That was the first time in the history of Israel that the Christians schools decided a strike. Two days later the director general of the Ministry of Education contacted our board of directors that he is willing to meet with them on the 9th of September. And he asked them to stop the strike, which was postponed in a sign of good well from our Christian school. We are waiting for the 9th, without much hope, mainly because the payment of this month already shows a reduction of 180,000 NIS (~ £31,000) from every Christian school and very specially ours, because it is such a large school, we feel the impact of the reduction of funds. 

We need that money to pay the salaries of the teachers. We hope that the situation will not deteriorate and thus corner us to consider, God forbid, closing the schools. 

That’s it for now. 

Thank you for caring and thanks for the donors and for the supporters.


Abuna Elias Chacour

Archbishop em.


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