Mar Elias Educational Institutions

“The school was named after the Prophet Elijah, my namesake, who is venerated by Jews, Muslims and Christians alike.  He spoke out strongly, without fear, against idolatry and oppression.  The school would be Ibillin’s strong statement and tangible provision for the human and God-given rights of our children in this society.”

Abuna Elias Chacour



another peace initiative from Archbishop Em Elias Chacour

A dedicated English room is being established in the new Learning Centre on the campus. ASHRAY is supporting this initiative which will offer English language facilities and activities to the entire interfaith community.

As the language of international diplomacy and increasingly of general international communications it is essential that as many Arab Israelis as possible are able to articulate their situation in English. Please give as generously as you can to help them by equiping this English Room.

DONATIONS in pounds by cheque – please make payable to ‘ASHRAY’ and send to 

ASHRAY, Lyngarth, Front Street, Rothbury, Northumberand, NE65 7UU, UK

(For donations in currencies other than GB pounds please make cheques payable to ‘MEEI’ and send to the same address)

English Room Mar 2017

The basic English Room awaiting computers, software, programmes, smartboard and DVD’s from ASHRAY for studies to begin.                           31.03 2017

A pdf version of this appeal is available for inclusion in newsletters or other publications.


High school morning assembly on Mar Elias Campus

Mar (Arabic for ‘saint’) Elias Educational Institutions (MEEI) – a Christian campus of nursery, elementary and high schools in Ibillin village, Galilee, providing a high standard of education for children of all races and religions.  Built by Abuna Elias Chacour, Mar Elias High School opened its doors to the first three grades of students in 1982.  This was expanded and other buildings and faculties developed over the years.  Today the huge campus that has been developed covers much of the southern hillside of Ibillin.  The village of Ibillin sits in the Galilee hills in Israel, about mid-way between Haifa and Nazareth.(Map)

Teachers are Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Druze.

The elementary and high schools have a total of over 4,000 pupils.

Over half of the pupils are Muslim.

Capital funding for the building and equiping of the schools was raised in the community and by generous donations from individuals, organisations and support groups mainly in Europe, UK, USA (Pilgrims of Ibillin) and Australia. Local and a few foreign volunteers laboured in the construction of the campus.  Because of their high acedemic results, all the schools qualify for a high level of funding from the state to pay for teachers salaries and basic running costs. A small fee is levied on students to top the funding up to a sustainable level.  65% of high school students need a scholarship to meet this payment.

Funds are still needed to update and extend facilities on the campus. Volunteer artists occasionally decorate areas of the campus –

Marble mosaic of the Loaves and Fishes from 1986

Marble mosaic of the Loaves and Fishes from 1986

Mural of Galleons 30 metre long 2015 work in progress

Mural of Galleons 30 metre long 2015 work in progress

Mar Elias Educational Institutions is one of Archbishop Chacour’s major peace initiatives in the Holy Land for which Ashray raises funds in the UK. Please consider making a donation towards the expansion of this much needed peace project.  Visit the ‘How to Help’ page for information on financial contributions and other means of supporting the efforts of the peacebuilding team.

For further information or to make a donation contact Audrey Porksen at –

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